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Rural road under heavy snow.
COTAG vehicle descending a steep track. Never venture off road without professional training. COTAG vehicle on exercise on moorland training area. Never venture off road without professional training. COTAG vehicle on remote road. COTAG vehicle negotiating beach foreshore. Never venture off road without professional training.
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What We Do

Quickly, Quietly, Efficiently

COTAG 4x4 Response is not an emergency or rescue service.

Its role is to operate, when requested, in support of local organisations as a logistics contributor. The speciality of COTAG 4x4 Response is providing a reliable, round-the-clock transport service when other arrangements are already working at full capacity.

COTAG vehicle negotiating a snow-covered road.  Never venture off road without professional training.

The essence of the project is the use of four wheel drive vehicles by volunteer owner/drivers which provides valuable assistance to partner organisations within northern Grampian Region. This service is available during periods of extreme environmental conditions when the usual methods of transport are grounded or unable to make sufficient headway. Similarly, COTAG 4x4 Response will assist when there is an urgent and exceptional need for a large fleet of 4x4 vehicles with competent drivers to cover a vast and unforgiving area of land.

As COTAG 4x4 Response is not in a constant state of immediate readiness (unlike civil emergency services), a strategy that features a predictive element ensures the group's timely and constructive contribution. Therefore COTAG's response could be regarded as tactical and measured rather than high speed or instantaneous.

Typically the tasks undertaken would be of a "fetch and carry" nature and may involve the movement of personnel, equipment and supplies. Operations might include:

  • delivery of urgent medical supplies to families living in remote areas
  • evacuation of personnel or members of the public from potentially hazardous situations
  • transport of medical personnel including midwives and health visitors
  • transport of local agency or civil authority personnel and equipment
  • recovery of stranded personnel or vehicles
  • assistance during search operations over rough terrain or remote areas
COTAG vehicles negotiating a rocky foreshore. Never venture off road without professional training.

A call out is initiated only by a nominated representative of an approved agency. The COTAG Duty Operations Controller would then select from a pool of available volunteers the crews most able to assist based on location and nature of the duty.

Members of the group attending an incident are at all times controlled by - and are responsible to - the Senior Police or Fire Officer at the scene, or an Emergency Planning Officer from the local authority.

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