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COTAG Exercise 2010

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Exercise Wild Rover was based upon a scenario in which some individuals participating in such an event had become lost and, in most cases, had also sustained injuries. To provide an additional twist an element of 'local civil unrest' was added in.

At the start of the exercise a Forward Control Point (FCP) and First Aid Station were set up in a large building at Whiteside Farm. This provided the base from which the exercise was conducted. COTAG and BRC Control were located alongside each other at the FCP thereby providing optimum inter-agency communication.

COTAG was operating a 'tactical radio network' via HF radio communicating with COTAG Control at the FCP. All COTAG 4x4 Response vehicles are fitted with HF/VHF radio units providing very flexible communications under operating conditions. In addition, all COTAG personnel are issued with hand-held HF/VHF radio units (albeit with reduced range) for use when away from their vehicle.

COTAG vehicles parked in a row off road

The Red Cross have their own radio system although the requirement for this was reduced in this exercise since BRC personnel were travelling in COTAG vehicles and so communication messages were passed by the COTAG crews.

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