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COTAG Exercise 2010

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Some time was necessarily required in order to apply injury makeup to the casualties and to deploy them out to the scenario locations. By mid morning however the exercise was well underway. Simulated reports from various sources were fed into COTAG and BRC Control and joint crews then despatched to 'last known' grid references to investigate.

It should be stressed that COTAG 4x4 Response is not in any way a rescue or emergency 'blue light' organisation. Wherever lives are endangered the professional emergency ('Category 1') services always take responsibility. COTAG exists to provide support to those who do provide such services and in this capacity the teamwork with BRC was appropriate and realistic.

As the first joint COTAG/BRC crews began to locate and treat casualties the exercise began to get busy. COTAG Control was tasked with keeping track of crew locations and their situation reports ('sitreps'). Along with BRC Control this was essential in order to track the various assets, vehicles and personnel, in the field.

A casualty arrives at the First Aid Post

The casualties themselves demonstrated impressive acting skills which, combined with the makeup, provided realistic and challenging encounters for the COTAG and BRC crews. Naturally the BRC personnel, with their superior medical and First Aid skills, took charge of casualty assessment and treatment. In many cases the COTAG personnel assisted by carrying equipment or helping casualties to waiting vehicles.

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