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Specially prepared 4x4 vehicle crossing deep water. Do not attempt this without professional training.

Off Road Driving


Driving off-road is potentially dangerous to people, and damaging both to vehicles and to the environment. COTAG 4x4 Response volunteers have received specialist professional training, and regularly practice driving their vehicles in off-road conditions under professional supervision.

This website contains images of 4x4 vehicles being driven in off-road situations. These images should not be taken by the reader as any form of encouragement to take their own vehicle off-road. This applies especially to any images of steep ascents/descents, winching activities and where vehicles are crossing water.

We would strongly urge any 4x4 owner who wishes to use their own vehicle to its full potential, when away from the tarmac, to complete a training course by a recognised training provider.

Legal Information

COTAG 4x4 Response is a Registered Scottish Charity, number SC037191.

COTAG 4x4 Response is also a private company (Company No. SC296108), limited by guarantee, and with the following Registered Office address:

AB54 4GD

Please contact us for further information.

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